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Source Redirect Site for WordPress

Source Redirect Site WordPress Plugin

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Press Pixels have released the Source Redirect Site Plugin for WordPress! This complete redirection plugin allows you to set redirection URL addresses for any browser type, mobile device, user location and even user country state. This Site Redirection Plugin is built for WordPress WebSites that need to cater for various environments – everything from handheld devices like iPads and Blackberrys, browsers from Internet Explorer 6 to Google Chrome and even redirection based on Country and State!

Source Redirect Site Geo Sample Source Redirect Site WordPress Plugin

Geo Country and State Redirection Admin Screen Sample

WordPress Site Administrators can configure all the redirection options from within the Source Redirect Dashboard, once setup and saved a simple and fast JavaScript check is made and the site user is sent to the correct place! With the power of GEO IP Country redirection you can also set different URL addresses (for language sites for different countries for example) – add to this the power of redirecting various US states (political campaign sites, US School sites for example). Options are unlimited!

Redirects can be grouped by type or specifically set for the following; more specific features are available as they are added through version updating.

  • Mobiles
    (Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Palm, Windows Mobile / CE, Opera Mobile, Generic Mobile)
  • Browsers
    (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9/10)
  • Geographical
    Country Location (All Global Countries) Geo States (All US States)

The Source Redirect Site Plugin comes in two formats, a free release (which handles simple redirection without any specifics) available through the WordPress Plugin System and on site, plus a Commercial Pro Version available at Press Pixels for $20 which does it all!

  1. Avatar
    David Tollefsen

    I cannot find how to purchase the pro version of Source Redirect. I’ve clicked every link and it just takes me to the home page.

    • Avatar
      Lumo Mongoose

      We had a major bug with Firefox (latest version) which has now been solved – so if you load any of the product pages you will see the download/purchase links on the left ;) Thanks for letting us know!

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