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Source Redirect Site Wiki and Documentation

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This is the Wiki page for the Source Redirect Site (Standard and Pro Versions) Plugin for WordPress which includes Setup Information, all Documentation and FAQs. Please refer to this document if you are using the Source Redirect Site Plugin and are having setup issues – if you still cannot get this plugin to work, send us a contact request or add a comment and we will help you out!


  1. Extract downloaded ZIP file to a location of your choice.
  2. Standard: Upload folder source-redirect to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Pro: Upload folder source-redirect-pro to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress Site.
  5. Options can be found under your Settings / “Source Redirect” menu option.

Usage, Configuration and Setup

After opening up the Source Redirect Admin Area, you will notice multiple links (Pro) for the different redirection types. Go through each link and set your various web address URLs that you require and leave blank the items that do not need to be redirected. Once done, hit the save button and do a force refresh on your website front-end and that should be it!

On each page you can set whether to only redirect the home page (great for forums and specific deeper site content), set whether you wish to disable that redirection type and you can also set a global redirections for all versions of that type. For each of the types (Mobile, Browser and Geo) fill in the redirection URL addresses as needed after completing the setting mentioned above. Leave each option blank to override redirection for that type.

Geo Country / State Location
This area is a bit more powerful. Once in this section, click “Add Another Country / Add Another Region” to open up a new redirection row. Then search for the Country / Region, add the destination redirect URL address and press “save changes”. Oncesaved you can also click remove to remove any setups you do not like. Please note United States regions only supported at present!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can only see the browser redirection in the backend, where the other options?
You are using the standard free option – you need to get the Pro version for the other options.

My site now gives an error like “too many redirects”
The redirection is looping. What this means is that you have a redirect on that page and have another redirect conflicting. This could be a htaccess file error, or an SEO plugin conflict. Try temporarily disabling your htaccess or other plugins till your site loads fine so you can find the culprit.

All browsers/countries/devices go the same redirect page.
Check your Source Redirect Site Plugin settings, each tab has an option to redirect all types – make sure that is set to “no” to enable individual redirection.

How do I make the redirect back to normal for Mobile users?
You need to create a link on your site for mobile users, with the target URL as follows: http://[YOURSITE]/?redirect_bypass=1 this will let mobile users return to the base normal looking site.

  1. Avatar

    I would like to have the option to give mobile users a button to switch back to full website. How would i go about this without them being redirect right back to the mobile url again? Thank you!

  2. Avatar

    Hello i want to know i can make redirect for US states like NY, FL and many more…

    • Avatar
      Lumo Mongoose

      Yes, you can with the Pro version – there is a whole tab in the backend which allows setting of URL’s for US States and Global Countries.

  3. Avatar

    Hey I have just activated the pro version of your plugin and there is now a Random number 2 before the Html begins… It has messed up the layout of my site. Any Ideas as to how to fix this?

    • Avatar
      Lumo Mongoose

      That was some testing we were doing – must have snuck into a approved release – should not be there! If you send me your order email or order number I can send you the latest release. Same goes for anyone else out there experiencing this!

  4. Avatar

    Hello! I’m wondering about the way in which the ‘Global Countries’ redirection works and whether or not it will work with a multi-language site.

    For example, if I have a multi-language site and want to redirect all traffic from France to have “/fr/” added to the url (so that traffic from France, going to a homepage at http://www.sample.com/ would be redirected to http://www.sample.com/fr/ -AND- traffic from France going to a sub-page at would be redirected to . But, then, offer the option to switch over to the non-French version of the page by clicking something like a flag-based navigation (which is fairly common with multi-language sites/systems).

    Is that something this plugin can accomplish?

  5. Avatar
    Ben Tupper

    Can this plugin be used to redirect visitors based on their ip address where I provide the list of addresses?

    • Avatar

      No. The Geo Location section gives you the option to pick up a user’s IP address accessing your site and can redirect them depending on their country or region i.e. US states like Texas, Nevada etc.

  6. Avatar

    Does this plugin work with cache plugins (like W3 Total Cache) especially when used in combination with a Content Delivery Network (CDN)? It’s seems like the caching might get in the way of some of the redirection protocols.

    Specifically: we’re looking for redirection for various countries (sending U.S. traffic to http://www.sample.com/us/, France traffic to http://www.sample.com/fr/, etc.).

    • Avatar
      Lumo Mongoose

      That should work fine as the plugin uses direct 301 and header redirect combinations – which should get added to the CDN and cache. We have it running here on Press Pixels using CloudFlare CDN and caching.

  7. Avatar


    Is the GEO IP granular enough to determine a visitor’s city ?

    I need to redirect based on the visitors city for a daily deals site.

    Mike Peace

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately not. The Source Redirect Plugin redirects based on the users Country and/or US State when using the redirect by Geo Location option. Other redirects can be done by device type i.e. mobile, iPhone, Android etc. or Browser based i.e. Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.

  8. Avatar

    I’m on WP 3.4.1 and the plugin is failing with this error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF, expecting T_FUNCTION in /www.mikepeace.com/web/content/wp-content/plugins/source-redirect-site/source-redirect.php on line 455

  9. Avatar

    I’m looking for some way to redirect to specific pages at the county level within the state of Texas. A visitor in any of the 26 counties in the center of Texas need to redirect to 26 different pages. A visitor from any location outside the 26 counties would go to the main homepage. Are there any plans to make this plugin drill down to the county level?

    • Avatar
      Lumo Mongoose

      You mean regions within texas right? This should work in the current version, as all United States regions can have redirect URLs… so you just would set URLs for the Texas regions…

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