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User Roles and Unregistered Redirection

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Source Redirect Site for WordPress is a complete redirection plugin which allows you to set redirection URL addresses for any browser type, mobile device, user location (country and local region), user login status or user role and even user country state. Site admins can easily set the defined redirect URL’s for all types in their WordPress Source Redirect admin area, before your website loads any content a simple and fast JavaScript check is made and the site user is sent to the correct place!

The Source Redirect Site Plugin for WordPress is ideal for anyone with different site types – for example if someone is using a handheld you could show them a mobile version of your site, or if someone views your site using Internet Explorer 6 you could show them a upgrade page.

With the power of GEO IP Country redirection you can set different URL addresses (for language sites for different countries for example) – add to this the power of redirecting various US states (political campaign sites, US School sites for example). Options are unlimited, plus all global Country local regions are now also supported.

User Roles and Login Status can also now be redirected, with recursive directory option (Not just redirect to single page, but any pages within the specified page URL can be allowed) – So you can send unregistered, subscribers, admins or any user type to specific pages.

Redirects can be grouped by type or specifically set for the following: Mobiles (Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Palm, Windows Mobile / CE, Opera Mobile, Generic Mobile) Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9/10) Geo Country Location (All Global Countries and also all Global Local Regions plus Geo States) And User Role or Login Status.