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Press Pixels site is online and live!

Press Pixels WordPress Resource WebSite online!

The Press Pixels team have managed to get the first working version of their WordPress Resource WebSite online! Press Pixels have added a plethora of startup features to the new online site to get it running smoothly, mainly taken from some of the other quality WordPress sites their team has developed. Add to this a large amount of time getting the plugins configured (especially the SEO, as WordPress does this so well) and fine tuning the code. style and core layout of the WebSite.

Focusing at bringing about high quality additions to the WordPress CMS world, Press Pixels strives to improve WordPress, plus bring the understanding, concepts and benefits of WordPress to more people globally. Also by utilizing leading designers and top code junkies, Press Pixels also contributes to these online communities by providing high quality free image, design and code resources.

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The Press Pixels Favored Friend Program

Press Pixels Favored Friend Partner Program

One of the major factors for any site owner or developer is your site usage and traffic. If you a person who is looking for cost-effective traffic or fresh visitors for anything from your personal blog to a corporate network, become a Favored Friend with Press Pixels by ordering an advertisement icon space which will generate a greater turnover and traffic push through to your site.

So how does this work? Simply put you get an image link here on the Press Pixels WebSite. Once refined these image links work better than standard links, as they have all the features of text links (slogan,description, title, link, follow) but display and act as “small banners” so to say – which we call “favored friends”. Less obtrusive and most importantly less negative PR kickback from search engines (which you get from standard text links).
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Become a Favored Friend! Join our advanced SEO Compliant Partner Program by reserving your Favored Link Placement shown on the left. You can also find out more here as this stuff can be somewhat confusing.